Why Life Coaching? Get excited.


Why life coaching? Because God said so.

Sitting in church this past Sunday our pastor began to talk about Christians using their gifts for God’s glory. This is an idea that I’ve always known, always loved and always been happy to promote. As many of you know, recently I have become certified as a professional life coach. Throughout the certification process I learned how to help people evaluate their lives. I learned how to help them discover their dreams, gifts and passions. I learned how to guide them through realistic ways to reach those goals however crazy they may be. I learned how to get excited with them about their own lives, which┬áis a concept that has gotten so lost in our world today – actually loving your life and what you do.

God made it very evident in the time that I was becoming certified that it was going to be a huge platform for His name to be proclaimed. THAT is what excites me the most. My. First. Day. I was asked straight up what I believe. That’s one thing that is so wonderful about life coaching! It makes you think long and hard about your purpose. Every talent, passion, goal, and dream that we have is God-given. He purposefully instilled those in each and every one of us SO we can reach the nations, SO we can resonate with people that others can’t. YOU are so crazy fearfully and wonderfully made you shouldn’t even know how to wrap your finite little mind around the possibilities of what God can use you for. That is exciting!!! THAT is why I want to life coach. My specialty is in the equestrian field because that is my passion and that is what I resonate with. However, I am not limiting myself to that field because I want everyone to get pumped about this. Can you tell I am excited? Can you tell God has laid this on my heart? If you see a way that I could expand this or want to provide feedback I welcome it wholeheartedly.

I want to do a series on my blog that walks through the life coaching process, but instead of focusing on one person’s life specifically it would focus on a life for Christ in general. I am writing about this because of that Sunday. God showed me that this is something that we could all use a little motivation for. A LOT of motivation for. And THIS is something I am really excited to dive into.


“I long to feel compassion
For a world that needs Your grace
Take my heart
I want to give it all away.”

Sidewalk Prophets – “Give It All Away”