Think it out: Small steps to big dreams

Dreamers are a special kind of people. Their imaginations are often unmatched as they allow themselves the vulnerability to be inspired.

Dreaming, however, is sometimes all they have the chance to do when they discover how much more difficult actions are than thoughts.


Where does one start for such a risky feat as chasing a dream?

Do they sell everything to afford it?

Do they move away to chase it?

Maybe… but unless one feels strongly convicted by the good Lord almighty I would not advise doing so. Dreams are often given the bad rap of being “unrealistic.” I’m here to break that reputation.

The simple start? Here’s what I do.

My dream is to help people realize the possibilities infront of them. So many people settle for what they think they are capable of in their own minds. They often take their first job offer or first opportunity offered simply because they either believe it will be their only offer or that they could not do any better. They need someone to show them how to think bigger and do more with their own God given gifts and abilities.

Small rant. Big idea.

With this being my goal, I start asking myself a hand picked selection of  powerful questions that life coaches love so much.

  • How do I show this to people?
  • What does me achieving this goal look like?
  • What is one way I can advertise how beneficial this method is today?

Then it’s simple. I answer! After working through the logistics of my dream in my own head I now have a realistic way to push myself into making it happen. Thinking through things in this format shows you how to make big dreams attainable in small and simple ways. Ask yourself questions that might help you dig deeper into all of the small aspects of your dream that you might not have thought about. Orrrr call up a certain life coach who believes in you and can hand select questions and routines that will benefit you and provide accountability for motivation 😉

So how does this apply to you as a Christian?

Remember who God created you to be. Remember even if you can’t do something in your own power, He can. In fact I believe that is exactly where He loves to have us, in that place of complete and total dependence on Him. It’s exciting! It’s beautiful.

I fully believe that striving towards our goals and using our gifts to their full ability greatly pleases the Lord. He gave us these abilities and differences to praise Him!

By Him and Him alone can we stretch our dreams, goals and ambitions to their full potential. If we give those things to Him He will bless them.

I could tell you ways to motivate yourself and steps to reach your goals all day long, but that won’t come close to touching what God wants to do with your life.

The best thing you can do is prepare yourself. Getting motivated and setting goals for your life will always help as long as God is the one who holds your trust and your focus. Let Him be the one who moves you to action and tells you exactly where to go.

Think big. Get focused. Get excited! Set goals. Prepare yourself. Let God do the rest.


God bless,




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