Living Purpose: Hatteras Part 2

FullSizeRenderI mentioned in my last post that I felt like I was living God’s purpose for my life for the first time. Let me elaborate on that. Purpose is a very strong word for me. Technically defined purpose is the reason for which something exists, determination, or a practical result. Yes, it is all these things, but as a Christian I believe the word goes so much deeper.

To be honest, I had never really noticed or appreciated the depth of this word until I was searching so hard for purpose that it hit me in the face. It was those few months before me and Isaac moved here that God began to teach us all about purpose. We had been praying that we would find God’s specific purpose for us not really knowing what that meant. The very next Sunday guess what the sermon was on? Yup. Throughout the sermon our Pastor talked about Saul and how Jesus got his attention, changed his direction, and specifically purposed him to impact others and bring others in to partner with his purpose. Saul didn’t just discover a life in Jesus. He discovered purpose. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I cried through that sermon. I remember looking up at Isaac and he too was speechless. Maybe it’s not the most profound idea, but God let it hit our hearts just right to move us. As the pastor continued to talk, he unknowingly answered question after question that we had in our minds.

Following this Sunday we got a devotional to do together called Faith for the Journey by Charles Swindoll (LOVE this book) and the chapters seemed to speak directly to the purpose God was calling us to. As you all know, this, Hatteras Island, is where that purpose led us. However, our purpose didn’t end when we got here, it was really just beginning. This is what I have learned about purpose since I’ve been here – there is the big picture of purpose and then there are also countless little “purposes” that we have every day. A life for the Lord is the big purpose, the ultimate purpose and the reason we all live and breathe. What I am learning is that each day and each moment that we breathe is to have purpose. We should be striving to be so focused, devoted and sold out to the Lord that every step has direction, every word is counseled by the Holy Spirit, every action is with grace and stewardship, and every moment of silence is with prayer and supplication. That is what I want my life to look like.

The catch though is that it gets hard. The thing about light is that the darkness hates it, and the thing about darkness is that it’s so much easier to fall into. Get this though – I learned in one of my Bible study classes that the devil can change the appearance of a situation God has you in, but he can never change the purpose God has for you. I’ll be the first to tell you, when you commit yourself to God’s purpose He will move. That Sunday in church was not the last time I cried tears of overwhelming joy, because it still gets me every time God chooses me to move for His purpose. His mercies baffle me and Isaac both continually and I hope and pray we never get over it.



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