When God Says Wait.

“Watching and waiting, looking above. Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.”

Blessed Assurance

Beautiful words from a song that paints the most perfect picture of how to wait. Waiting can be a tough topic for people sometimes, yet should not be undervalued. We wait in lines, for appointments, for promotions, for big life events, etc. often mindlessly and uneventfully. Some appreciate the time to rest, regroup and de-stress. Others grow impatient and frustrated with the waste of time and lack of productivity. Regretfully, I’d have to say I am typically more closely related with the second example. I want to feel productive! However, there are those times when you’re in a line where there’s that really funny person in front of you. Or when you don’t mind that wedding being so far away because the people you become surrounded with to prepare for the big day make the waiting an event in itself. It’s always easier to appreciate the wait if we’re not waiting alone.

Waiting is not really waiting if we’re waiting with Christ. I really think He loves this special one on one time with us when we are just looking to Him with a hopeful heart and eyes wide open. God always seems to use the waiting as training for those who love Him. From our impatient minds, we get so easily frustrated with the wait. We think either we simply cannot hear Him telling us where to go, or maybe we missed the call and need to just start going on our own and maybe God will jump in at some point. It’s common. I’ve done it. Never works out. He says, “You’re not quite ready for where I’m about to take you. Let me prepare you.”

I have dealt with my fair share of waiting in my 19 years. It typically wasn’t for any one thing in particular though. Usually it’s in between chapters of my ever crazy, always changing, running backward chicken with my head cut off life. I take His call on me to wait jokingly as Him reminding me that 90mph is not the required speed limit for life. But really, He lovingly loves to say, “Regroup Riley! Refocus here so I can show you something new.” I have been blessed to know that God has a future for me far greater than anything I could accomplish for myself. I know I can’t get there without him, so periodically, I do have to wait. For His voice, for His hand, for His pull, tug, or yank on my stubborn heart to speak or go or do or dream or just to be still. It’s really funny to think about – If I choose not to wait for Him, maybe I can climb a mountain… but if I wait for Him to go with me, I know without a doubt I can move it.

A lot of people associate waiting with having patience. Dictionary.com describes patience as The bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like. How about instead of just bearing the wait though, we have FAITH? Sweet sweet faith. I truly believe that without possessing faith, many wait in vain. Faith in that whatever God has called you to wait for, He has also equipped you for. Isaac and my relationship was a leap of faith. Moving to Hatteras was a leap of faith. Buying a horse at the beach, quitting my job, taking an internship across the country by myself, moving into another house alone – all things that I didn’t feel at all qualified enough to do. But my God is greater. I knew He had molded and planned my life so strategically up to each of those points that the things he had let me go through, learn and experience were exactly what I needed to move forward. Anything less than faith would have made me a coward. Strength WILL rise as we wait upon the Lord. Not in physical ability or mental toughness, but in assuredness and peace for perhaps the scariest thing we will ever endure on this earth – life and life in abundance. I encourage you – be ready to wait.


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