I made a decision: Hatteras Part 3

I understand that it’s been a while since I last posted. It has partially been because I have been exhausted from working, riding, and travelling back home, but also partially because I have been thinking. Anyone who knows me should know this about me: I hate decisions. Big or small, I just want what’s best for everyone and so that usually leaves me asking everyone else to make whatever decision is at hand. This causes my life to involve a great deal of thinking, brainstorming, and dreaming so I can attempt to prepare myself for whatever big decisions might potentially lie ahead. Lately I have been thinking about my next move, where to go from here, what to do after this, and how to make my life different than what it was before I came to live on the island.

After the time I have spent here, I would be a coward not to live a drastically different life. I came here seeking a closer relationship with the Lord, a revelation of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and a healthier lifestyle. So far my experience has far exceeded that. When I first began this massive thinking, I started to worry. I worried about my family at home. I worried about how I was going to make money after this, and how I was going to not settle for my old routine. Then I went to church one Wednesday night. I went the same as I always do and I was tired like I always seem to be. On this night however, our pastor began to talk about money. He brought up Paul and how Paul had much at some points and he had little at others, but always learned to be satisfied. That really struck me. It didn’t matter what Paul was doing; he always in his heart loved whatever he did and wherever he was because he was wholeheartedly living for the Lord. That just painted such a beautiful picture for me of what a life for the Lord should look like. God has equipped each of us with unique gifts that only we can use to further His kingdom. Use them! Use them for Him! You don’t even have to think about making money with them, just glorify the Lord through whatever He has blessed you with and you will be happy. Simple as that. Even when things aren’t easy, if you abide in Him your life will be filled with joy. Picture that. A life for the Lord should visibly look like JOY. If He chooses to bless you with money = JOY. If He asks you to be content with little = JOY. If everyone on earth lived like that imagine how much differently the earth would look. This whole idea just takes the stress out of it all. So much hatred, bitterness, hostility, and pain have been caused by even the simplest things involving money when so much of it could have been counted as joy.

Money is a manmade thing. Do we really need it? Can we drink it like water, eat it like food, or breathe it like air? No. Christ however is necessary for life. A never hungry, never thirsty, contented, peaceful, all around joyful life. Why in the world would anyone not want that? Pain is inevitable, life is never easy, in fact, it’s often harder when you stand for the Lord, but my goodness gracious you can’t miss the joy.

So I decided. I decided on the rest of my life. I decided on Joy.