Not Just a Dream Job: Hatteras Part 1

aaaaaPicTapGo-ImageIt was probably three or four months ago that God really started changing the life that I was so comfortable with. Plans were falling through and I was terrified about decisions that were to be made. It’s funny how you grow up learning about God and His attributes, but when He really shows them to you you’re humbled like a child all over again. Mountain moving faith was a concept that sounded very good on paper, but in reality… really didn’t seem “realistic.” Thankfully however, Isaac has a funny kind of knack for being unrealistic. So, we faced fear and started to pray – big and long and hard prayers for days on weeks. We knew that God had something bigger planned for us than just what our minds would deem Him capable for.

Over sundaes at Shoney’s one night (because¬†you can’t have a good idea without¬†chocolate) the thought hit us. Hatteras. The place of horseback riding on the beach and unlimited fishing… hmmmm. A lot more prayer, some research and some phone calls proved to be the only real things we would have to do from that point on. God truly took care of the rest. I’ll admit that I was very skeptical though. In my mind it was too easy. Didn’t God want to use us for something harder or more important? I know we would both be living our dreams, but were we both pursuing this because we wanted to or because it was what God wanted us to do? When it came time to make a final decision on weather we were going or not there was not a doubt left in my mind that this was where God wanted us. Although I still didn’t know what He was trying to do, that crazy faith that Isaac and I had prayed about pushed us to trust Him. All of the doors were opened, we just had to walk through them.

The moving process soon began, but proved to be trickier than I had anticipated. Not everybody got the fact that we were living in separate apartments. That really bugged me that I couldn’t make that clear to everyone and couldn’t make everyone happy with my decision. That’s just another lesson God needed to teach me though. My wonderful parents helped me move down here, got me settled, and then I was on my own. A new state, new people, new grocery store, new job, new church, etc.

Isaac had already started working full time by the time I got down here and was already settled in his new place and at the marina all the time. I had about a week before I started my new job. I have never had a week of free time before in my life. Oh my goodness gracious though if you haven’t before either I strongly recommend it. I’ve always lived my life busy. Multiple jobs, multiple plans with friends, or something that would make any second of my day somewhat productive. I learned within the first couple of days that when you give yourself time you give God a chance to work in you. Every morning I started sitting down with my coffee and just listening to Him speak. I would go to the beach in the afternoons and walk and listen to Him speak some more. I’ve always loved to listen with people, but why did I always feel like with God I always had to talk? I learned how empty my full life had been when I was missing out on such lengthy and undisturbed time with Him.

Another big thing about moving for me and Isaac was finding a new church, and even more so, finding a good fellowship of Christian friends. Again, God, holding us in His hands, gave us that too. The first Sunday we were here a friend of mine from work invited us to her church. One Monday night Bible study later and we were so overwhelmed with God’s blessings and faithfulness that I wanted to cry.

One month later and life in Hatteras is so much more than just a dream job. Yes, I love every minute of my work getting to talk to the customers and riding on the beach. I love knowing during the day that Isaac is loving what He does too. Mainly though, I love the fact that this is a new mission field with so many new possibilities and that for the first time in my life I feel like I’m living God’s purpose for me. Isaac and I know that our lives aren’t conventional and that our relationship culturally isn’t normal. We thank God every day though that He uses imperfect people like us.